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*** GONE

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Thanks. Yes great quality but you pay for it not cheap. Just under 30 GBP for 10 however very nice bags.
The seedlings im making them really work for the moisture as you said to. They are responding fine. Im suprised how much they are reaching up towards the lights they LOVE the 3 x 300 W. Where im running the lights at night only im keeping the temps in limits. These will further cool a degree or two with the rvk fitted and scrubber.

Any info on how to wire this up ?

Im especially interested in the strain Nordes from Spain. I will raise my fan and put two more cloth pots in .
Prob one Nordes and 1 Jamaican as i started a thread and the cocc pellets fucked them as they were bone dry and the compost wet. Poor quality coco didnt absorb moisture at all. Things died from lack of moisture in wet pots ... great !

Anyway.. onwards.

Do you have any wiring diagrams for setting up the RVK ?

Thanks for your interest in my grow.
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Nordes - This plant is the result of cross-breeding Black Domina with Critigal+. Its Afghan ancestry provides an Indica element to this strong, tough hybrid capable of finishing the flowering stage by the end of the summer. These features make it an indispensable choice for outdoor, greenhouse and guerrilla crops, particularly in humid environments. That is why we named it after the northeast wind that often sweeps Galicia: NORDÉS.

The seeds of this strain produce plants that are easy to grow, very resistant, dense, compact, and early bloomers with a large amount of resin in their flowers. When grown outdoors, it can reach over two metres and its yield is around 600 grams per plant, but, most importantly, it is ready to be harvested at the beginning of September. That is why growers from rainy or cold regions really appreciate it, as they can harvest their plants before autumn comes. In indoor crops, it is perfect for the Sea of Green method, thanks to its large central bud, for which topping is not recommended. Flowering comes to an end after 50 days with 12 hours of daily light, and the plant produces around 500 grams per square metre.

Its buds are dense and heavy, and completely covered in resin. It is an exceptional plant when it comes to extractions, on account of its abundant production and the quality of the final product. Its taste and aroma are penetrating and intense, very similar to Skunk’s, a strain which also contains Afghan genetics. It has a strong Indica effect mainly on the body, making it ideal for relaxing activities.

Nodés is one of the best strains for all kind of resin extractions.
Copa Cannábica do Noroeste (2016): second position in “Indica” category.

Really hope i see this at Spannabis.
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If i do 50 / 50 i will have enough biobizz all mix for 8 sacks . that sounds better. Unable to get vermiculite this time.
Here are the poor seedlings ! i threw em all in one pot . They will prob come back in a few weeks.
I will start again ... lesson learnt never cut corners using cheap shit soil from the supermarket !
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Yes , i got caught out by a newbie mistake using cheap soil a it was difficult at the time to get the proper stuff.
I personally love all mix as for me it works so well . Last time i used it i can remember looking in the tent and each day new leaves appear !