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Got my first grow tent Vivosun 2' x 4' x 6'.

My tenant got to 36°F with a RH of 92%. They don’t look the best and the cold isn’t letting up.

  • Cut the branches that are drooping.

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It looks like you're not alone my friend, here's a post from another forum
Hi guys,

I bought Candy cane autoflower seeds from Crop king seeds in CA. My plant is almost 8 weeks old and I've had it under 120 W CFL's and have been doing the right amount of nutes. There is still no sign of flowering. Its 19 inches tall and still getting very bushy. Will it ever flower? Or did I end up with a dud male plant? Pics attached.


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7/8 weeks veg and not flowering is not really what anyone would expect when buying an auto, so your frustration is entirely understandable.
Give it another week and recontact them, hopefully they will be kind and do something for you.
If not, all hope is not lost, they are almost certainly fem and from good genetics just a bit of a delayed auto, which is fine, but should really be made clear in the strain description for sure.
This is why most breeders use testers to iron out niggles prior to release.
If they're healthy you could try giving the "autos" that haven't flowered 24 hours of complete darkness then into the 12/12 tent, that should help push them into flowering mode.


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mate thats really shitty 8 weeks and barely flowering id be pissed. it says 7 weeks flower on the description thats odd as fk in itself bro. autos say like 10 weeks to start to finish or some #. bum deal dude
most of these dudes claimin like 7-10 weeks from start to finish for autos. 8 weeks and no hairs or buds man id be fumin. still way too many crooks in this shit


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Right!! The plants are definitely good just I didn’t receive what was advertised in my opinion. @Sunshine.
I think they don’t try to play it off like it was my fault. Since I’m a newb. Now I’m stuck wondering if it’s will even be Candycane.