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Larisson Williams

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Feb 16, 2021
Hey Guys!!
I just built a new grow room and have a question about temperatures. My last grow was in a confined space with CFLs and it worked out well but temperature was not a problem. This time, I built a grow room 8x4x7 ft. I have a 600 watt air cooled hood with a 420 cfm extraction fan on a grozone TV12 day night controller with passive intake. I have the sensor, positioned at the top of the canopy, set at 85 degrees day time and 75 night time. Anyway, the controller seems to be doing its job but, the room temperature is a constant 70 degrees. Should the room be warmer than that? The girls seem to be doing fine but in my last grow the room was much warmer.


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Oct 8, 2020
I think your fine at 70ish. My tent fluctuate around 70 to 75. When I got up in the 80s plants were not happy for me.


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Mar 16, 2019
Ditto! 70-75* F seems ideal for me.


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Ras Mountain

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Jul 9, 2020
68°-70°f is like the perfect temp for lights out. 75-80°F is on the money for lights on. 👌 What you don't want is for the day and nighttime temperatures to fluctuate in any extreme, more than 15-20° difference between might make them uncomfortable.

As always, listen to the plants and they'll reveal so much information about their needs. My guess is your temps won't require adjustment.
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Larisson Williams

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Feb 16, 2021
I researched a bit and so far I did come to the following configuration:

2 x 600 Watts in an area of 280cm x 120cm (~3.40sqm). I would use a reflector for each bulb to be able to light an area of 140cm x 120cm instead of the usual 120 x 120 (4x4 feet).

I decided to do ebb and flow, as it is really quick to setup and not high maintenance. It was a bit problematic to find a table in the size 280cm x 120cm. I found a table in the size 240cm x 122cm and a smaller one 61cm x 122cm which together would be 300cm x 244cm.

I plan to do a sea of green with minimum 60 clones in rockwool and aim to yield about min 2 lbs after veg 1 to 2 weeks and flowering of approx 2 months.

What do you think of the setup?

I also have two specific questions:
- The flood trays have a height of 15 cm. Will that be enough?
- I will need to insulate the room, because the winter here is a bit rough. For insulation you can use rockwool. It is available in big rolls.
Can I use my rockwool for growing,?