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Grow setup


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I was gonna use my new light to try to grow as many different strains and post pics and updates daily like I do with my other grow,the setup would be a 6×6 600w for veg and then I have another 1200w if I need for flowering if anyone is interested if you have a bunch of different strains,or wanna see how your strain grows wanna send me any seeds id be happy to grow them and post daily here,I'll be using bruce banner,and if you want seeds back I have a bunch of caramel cream fems,please let me know!


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More then anyone else has offered
All I really have to offer are Fem Green Crack but I'd be willing to send you some and wouldn't mind a trade for some of your cream caramel. If your interested PM me.
PS. What I'm really interested in right now is a high CBD strain. Anyone?
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