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Hello Everyone! I'm Panda!


Hello, Im a new grower, long time smoker, and i wanted to say hello!

My first grow was lst year (out-door 2019) and am looking forward to doing some more this year. I come from the salt water fish hobby and find that growing can be just as fulfilling as my reef tanks. So im looking forward to having a great year and getting my grow documented, as well as sharing plenty of pictures.

I do not only grow cannabis, but i grow veggies as well. I find that doing both of these helps me maintain some kind of balance in this crazy world we live in.

For this year, we have just put in our raised beds and are finishing the rough landscaping with nice mulch from chipped trees that contain no harmful items or other chemicals.
We have built (3) 4x12x12 inch deep beds, as well as (3) 4x8x 12 inch deep beds. As i had extra wood, so i did a 2x4x12 inch bed as well. Most of my bed space is filled with dirt is a mix of fox farms ocean forest. While some of my smaller areas are filled with coco-fiber. Last year was a year of really learning and trying to figure it all out, so i am hoping that this year i grow bigger and product better healthier nugs.

Last thing. Im huge into DIY and not really one that likes to buy things from big stores. I live in no mans land and there are short falls to being so isolated from normal size citys. Here in my state of maine, its is both legal to have medical and legal for adults so its losing its social stigmata.

What am i smoking? Im smoking black cherry punch, and some vap carts i made with gg4 shatter, and gg4 terps.

What do i gorw? I grow anything. I have a few seeds, but i do not know what they are, like many of you, i collected a seed here and there out of bags i got, so it could be dirt weed. lol. But it could be fire weed.. Who knows. Do you have seeds? Can i have some seeds? Ill donate! Im too poor to pay retail cost for seeds from people i do not know. Id like to get some beans from the bean maker! Im into science and i want to one day be able to produce some good beans! If anyone wants to help as a source of seeds that i could grow and review, as i am interested in social media and cryptocurrency.

What do i do for work? Im a computer security geek and i work from home.

Hope to talk with you soon and hope to start sharing updates on my project!

Have a nice day!
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