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Hello everyone~!!!

I have been using seed banks for many years (10+) for all my seeds...

I finally got tired of them when my last batch of seeds only produced 4g from 3 plants...

I'm trying to acquire beans from private sources now so I can get a stock built up...

I do have 4 Northern Lights from a member of a Google + community...
well you came to the right place . any pics of your set up?
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if you purchase a few it supports the site and im happy if the mods throw some free beans of mine i sent in recently your way.

Good luck with your grow and awesome to have another grower in this growing community,
I'll definitely purchase a few...


What is an easy, non-problematic outdoor strain that I should check out?


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For an easy win you could try out some autos, ready to chop in 60-90 days from seed, strain dependant ⏱👍
I dont think you can go too far wrong with something like these ;)
I'll definitely check those out...

I used Nirvana almost a decade ago and got some Short Ryder seeds...

Those were decent...