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Hello everyone~!!!

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if you purchase a few it supports the site and im happy if the mods throw some free beans of mine i sent in recently your way.

Good luck with your grow and awesome to have another grower in this growing community,
I'll definitely purchase a few...


What is an easy, non-problematic outdoor strain that I should check out?


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For an easy win you could try out some autos, ready to chop in 60-90 days from seed, strain dependant ⏱👍
I dont think you can go too far wrong with something like these ;)
I'll definitely check those out...

I used Nirvana almost a decade ago and got some Short Ryder seeds...

Those were decent...
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Welcome to FC man ... All my grows are from seeds of Strain Super Market ... Even I do outdoor , you must try Fire autos they are very short and forgiving.
International Bean Smuggler recommended Fire as well...

I'll definitely have to check them out...

Those photos on the market are sexy as hell...