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Hello everyone!

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They got GO Box for the first part of the grow, during veg. Now, i am using this... It's only to make the plant go on with the flowering, but it's what i am using right now...

I am mixing 5mg to every gallon. The tag says 10mg, but i measured EC and ppm and they were high enough with only 5mg, at about 1400ppm, or 1.2 EC.

It's made by a Costarican company, i really hope it produces good results cos it;s only $5 a pound of the stuff...

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Pineapple Chunk tastes very hashy, i expected it to be more fruity u know. But it's very couch lock this weed. Potent but it gets to you in installments and lasts for a while. The Golden Tiger on the other hand i cut two to three weeks earlier. Lack of sativa experience, and even so, i blacked out last night with it. Made me some Rosin and killed it. WOW man! God forbid i let it finish... Gonna grow GT again, in the near future...


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The ancestry of the GT sounds fascinating! If it's that potent taken early, jesus, that is going to be absolutely insane full term :dizzy:
Shame the Pineapple wasn't fruitier but it looks like you did a good job with her and she turned out nice and frosty :)
Do you grow indoors too or mainly outdoor?