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How good are led strips 5050

Indoor Growing

How good are led strips 5050


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Hi i have just purchased led strip/ribbons of red and blue colour to make full spectrum.. they are both 5meters in length.. they are 5730 led..

Would give 12 volts 9 amp to 5meter.
what could be expected from them


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I found this on their website

100% waterproof LED light strip , suitable for both indoor and outdoor application
5 Meters - 16 feet

  • 1000 lumens
  • Working voltage - 12 volt in DC current
  • IP68 waterproof rating , suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 5050 LED x 60 cluster per meter
  • Use for marine, solar/wind systems, fishing, motor home/RV, buses, vehicles systems, etc.
  • Home applications include under cabinet , ceiling , cup board lighting
  • Can also be mounted on automobiles or marine applications
1000 lumens is about the same as you get from a 10watt led light bulb, the led light bulb would be much better though as the light is concentrated.
To be very honest, these lights (strips) are probably best used in another project like under cabinet lighting for a kitchen and are not really suitable for growing.
The best way forward would be to get some led light bulbs, ideally 1521 lumen models and a 1 to 7 socket adaptor or similar and make a cheap and efficient grow light that way.
Good luck and keep us posted.


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Another choice is this 250 actuall watts osram germany led..

Each led is 5watts..

Full spectrum (atleast company says so)

They claim 140lumens per watt.

That 35000 lumens..

It will become dead hot..

My plan is to keep top part exposed outside of my cupboard thus it dsnt make cupboard hot and can be cooled by cealing fan.. and ac is always onn..



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Here's the spec from the manufacturers website
The 250w unit is over kill for a small cab (less than 6sq/ft) and as you say will generate a lot of heat which will mean volatile terpenes will be forgone.
How big's the grow area? If it's relatively small the 150w might be the better option, the 150 produces 16500 lumens which is ideal for a small cab and will generate significantly less heat. Assuming the cab was say 2ft x 3ft (6sq/ft) then a 150w would give you 25w per square foot which is pretty much the sweet spot and will produce some excellent flowers 🌻
Number of LEDs50 NOS.
Power Consumption250 W (+/- 10%)
Maximum LumensApprox 27500 lm
LED luminous Efficiency>=110Lm/w (+/- 10%)
LEDLM 80 Approved
Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
Operating frequency50Hz
Power Factor>0.95
Input Range120V-300V AC (Over Voltage Protection)
Color Temperature6500 / 4500 / 3000 K
Light Cover AreaMin.10 - 25 Meter Approx.
Warranty2 Years From the Date of MFG.
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