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how small for 1oz


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Hi first time grower here. Trying to get around 1 to 1.5 ounces a grow as I'm not a very big smoker but I do like the odd toke.

Whats the smallest space I can comfortably grow about an ounce and half?? I need at least an ounce every few months and dont wanna getted ripped off for shitty street deals anymore. Which lights do I need?? Want to keep it as simple as possible and small and discrete as possible too.. thanks


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Yes a small tent or a small cabinet from craigslist are definitely good options depending on budget :)
If you go too small with your grow space you'll be battling against high temperatures and it becomes difficult to get a decent yield ;)
The actual wattage of this light is 80w which at .5 grams per watt would get you an ounce and a half, once dialled you could potentially yield almost 3 with the right strain :party: