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How to grow critical +2.0


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Welcome to FC @LetGetBlazin :)
Can I ask where outdoors you'll be growing ie patio/garden or full on guerilla (in the wilds). Have you got any experience of plant growing or none at all?
It's definitely worth reading the Outdoor grow faq lot's of useful info there that will help you get an idea of where you're aiming to get to.
Don't worry, whatever your situation is we'll all help you get moving in the right direction ;)


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🤠 I have myself never grown cannabis in a garden I have grown them outside in 7 gal pots but I believe you would do a lot better if you grew them in small pots inside or outside first then later transplant them out side into the flower bed give the roots a chance to grow but I do have a green thumb for growing flowers outside. I have a great hothouse full of beautiful orchids 😃
Growing Marijuana Outdoors – How to Grow the Easy Way
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Welcome aboard Blazen Sunshine is right it is important to know not only the location of your grow but also where you live because the growing season is different from the south to the north due to climate changes. Im from southern Ontario in Canada and I would grow this strain because it finishes flowering by the end of September with it being sativa dominant that is really early. Sativa dominant plants usually finish flower by late October and the strain apparently can have a large yield if grown properly so give it lots of room in the garden. If you have good garden soil plant it directly in the soil it will grow big and top dress with worm castings and kelp meal once a month. Learn to make aerated compost teas and that could help feed your soil for the plant too . Good growing :cool:


I forgot to mention that if you want to find info on the strain that you are growing go to a web site like seed finder and look up your strain and it will give you all the info you need like indica sativa dominance, size and yield, flowering period ( very important ) I shoot for 50 to 60 day strains were I live, mold resistance, and flavor of the smoke. Do your research before you purchase to see what strain you are looking for for taste ease of growing in your particular area etc... - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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