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How to make Cannabis Infused Gummy Bears


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Hi gang,

Sunshine said it would be a good idea to create my own post for this. Maybe THC could even make a Recipe/Cooking edibles forum section for these. :p

1 Cup Fruit Juice (your preference, I used frozen blueberries and took out the bits after)
1 Tablespoon sweetener ( sugar, honey,etc)
Squirt of Lemon, or Lime
2 Packs Jello Flavoured ( Sweetened, or Unsweetened) If you want your gummy sweat or weedy taste
5 Little Pack Gelatin, Comes in same size box as Jello has 5 little packs in it,
Whatever oil you are going to use ( already Decarbed Oil) If not decarbed google that first and do that first.
*** Pro Tip - I bought 20 - 100 mg THC pills that were already decarbed and used 11 of those. *** No decarb necessary if you use edible oils.
10% of the oil amount in Lecithin, so if you use 1100 mg or Oil, use 110 mg Lecithin

** Caution ** This mix is extremely hot, please take care ***

Place Fruit Juice, sweetener, and Flavoured Jello Packs and whisk constantly as you pour the Jello in.
Bring this to a slow rolling boil (NOT BOILING), Then add your squirt of lemon, or lime,
Next add your Oil into the mix and keep whisking,
You can use two people to make this easier but i did it with just myself just fine.
After this you want to add slowly your 5 packs of Gelatin, constantly whisking the mix.

Put on some good music, and sit back and whisk your mix until smooth, ( about 5 mins or so) keep it on low heat and now you can either get a greased cookie sheet with a lip on the edge and pour it in there and cut it up later or get yourself some silicon gummy bear molds on amazon for 20 bucks like i did, and you can make gummy bears.

Dosage is easy. I made 150 gummies with this mix, and it was 1100 mg of THC, so 1100 divided by 150 = 7.3 mg rounded off per gummy

And they are really good, oh btw, when you finish with this mix, your pot will be coated with the gummy material, put it in the fridge for 10 mins and then take it out and peel off like a Gummy THC Fruit Roll Up.
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Well, My wife can eat one of the 7.3 mg gummy and she is good and she is not a regular smoker/edibler,
I can take about 2 or 3 to just be good. More and you start the couch lock gun.

Again its all about the dose. 100 mg of that THC oil couched me for 5 hrs.


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"Couch-Locked" Well that is when you take too much weed, and your on the Couch for the next couple hours.

Sleeping basically, but unable to get up lol

So Couch Lock Gun would be like a Laser Gun but a weed stun gun basically lol.


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that does look cold , heck I think its cold down here in Texas at nights at 38 days at 67 your looks 10 or below burrrrrr every once in a while we get a white dusting, up north youall probably get a bunch off whiteouts right. well keep warm my friend