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How to make lollipops by Moose

Indoor Growing

How to make lollipops by Moose


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Disclaimer :) This works for me, it may not be right but its my way.

So, i have combined Topping, Fimming, Lollipopping, any thing at all too. to make my own growing way i guess and as you will see from the pictures of the final product.
Oh, BTW . the Midnight Final pic i will be showing you is the 4th Regrow for this plant. I will explain how to do that as well.

Lets go . ---->

First grow a plant, grow howevert you want, let it flower, and then leave all the growth tips you can find below the bud/floweers and leave them. It will probably be the bottom 3 inchs of the plant. What you are looking for when you harvest is to leave those as they will be our new plant.

In the following pictures of the skeleton lollipopped plants there will be a center section that has a bunch of cut off stocks, this is where you will be leaving your grow tips as i did.

These are them before trimming, and lollipopping. I am going to trim out any branches that cannot possibly be tall enough to reach past the rest of the branches, and i go around the plant till there is only one growth tip at the top ( Lollipop ) and then i take off any other grow tips.

Regrowth - So when you harvest you left those growth tips, let then grow up and then top them a few times then start fimnmning them and then let them grow to whatever height you want. I dobn't grow tall plants but i am getting great yeilds growing horizontally like this.

So start trimming and you want to end up with something like the pic below

If you look in the center, i have left some growth tips, technically you only heed one but i like security.

You are now in the first day of week 3 of flower, like i said, i have done this 4 times with midnight and the next picture will show the results.

And the after photo of the skeleton lollipop crew



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@Sunshine , it was probably only 10 or so weeks. bunch of different strains and flower times screwed me up.

This is a picture of the girls 1 week after Lollipop


They seem happy and the Afghan Kush in the top right has nice Lil flowers. If you notice some of the branches have had LST (Low-Stress Training) top try and separate them a bit.

Making mistakes means you are learning, at least hopefully.
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Making mistakes means you are learning, at least hopefully.
100%, if I had a $ for every mistake I've made I'd of retired by now :laughing:
hey seem happy and the Afghan Kush in the top right has nice Lil flowers. If you notice some of the branches have had LST (Low-Stress Training) top try and separate them a bit.
Nice job on the training. Interested to see your Afghan Kush in full bloom!
How did you get on with Fruit Passion?


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Something to Note ***

When you are LST, ing and the plant is recovering, you should have a bunch of fan leaves

I leave these on till I do defoliation later on in the cycle, but I am planning for when the fan leaves are gone,

In my pictures you will see if you take off all the fan leaves, the lollipops are separated, for the most part, when you are bending during LST think
about this while you are LST, ing


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Hi gang, So it is a week after lollipoping, (week 4 of flower)


You can see more what I meant up above in the post about when you cut off the fan leaves, how you will have the bud sites mostly all in their own area, make sure that you LST any branches that are going above the main canopy level. I don't use a net as I didn't like it, so this is my alternative method.

The bottom regrowth material you left at the base will be growing and you can start topping at 3rd node and continue topping to make more growth tips, a bit of preplanning for the regrowth later.


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@Sunshine Cool, good to know thanks. By-Golly I think my thumb is starting to turn green, either that or I am smoking lots of weed lol.

P.S. I don't know if I mentioned it the top left, and bottom right are Afghani CBD
Very nice, I've been looking at cbd rich strains too, specifically the 1:1 ratio's like cannatonic, dancehall and pennywise.
I'll be very interested to hear your verdict on the cbd afghani, do you have any numbers on the expected cbd and thc levels for that one?


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