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How to make lollipops by Moose

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How to make lollipops by Moose


Humble Helper
Hi gang, So it is a week after lollipoping, (week 4 of flower)

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You can see more what I meant up above in the post about when you cut off the fan leaves, how you will have the bud sites mostly all in their own area, make sure that you LST any branches that are going above the main canopy level. I don't use a net as I didn't like it, so this is my alternative method.

The bottom regrowth material you left at the base will be growing and you can start topping at 3rd node and continue topping to make more growth tips, a bit of preplanning for the regrowth later.
They sure are naked🙄


Humble Helper
🤠is that why I am retired Sunshine, I made to many mistakes haha moose they still look naked to me anyways but do your thing it seems to work:p
100%, if I had a $ for every mistake I've made I'd of retired by now :laughing:

Nice job on the training. Interested to see your Afghan Kush in full bloom!
How did you get on with Fruit Passion?
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