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How to remove the globes from LED Light bulbsđź’ˇ

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How to remove the globes from LED Light bulbsđź’ˇ


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So last run I left the globes on mainly because I wasn't 100% confident of removing them without damaging the base but I think I've found a reliable method of removing them keeping the bases intact and undamaged.

Why remove the globes from led light bulbs?
The globes diffuse the light so it covers a larger area and illuminates your room, the down side is the light is bounced all over the place rather than being directed down at the plants/canopy where it's needed. Removing the globes gives around a 50% increase in light where we want it, focused down towards the plants.

The easy way to remove globes from led light bulbs
Step 1.The first step is to run the bulbs for about 30mins to warm the glue that holds the globes in place, the first one I removed I didn't preheat and it was definitely more stubborn so save yourself some hassle and warm the bulb/s first ;)

Step 2 grab a quick grip clamp and squeeze it around the globe until the sides of the globe start to pop away/seperate from the base. Work your way around until most of the glue is seperated and the globe eventually pops off.
*It's important to check the globe is plastic rather than glass when using this method or it could get a bit messy. I'm using philips 13w/1521lm bulbs with plastic globes.

Here are the pics of my improvised method which are pretty self explanatory.
Hopefully this helps someone who's been struggling to find an easy way to remove the globes without damaging the bases :sun:
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