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*** IBS Jamaican hybrid .New breeding Strains . Pineapple chunk,LSD,Tangerine Dream,SSH,SLH,Nevilles Haze,Auto Amnesia**

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They just popped today.

My plans for this lot of new genetics.
Im forming a nice menu of Jamaican landrace hybrids.

First of all

silver haze for a Xmas tree.
I need the tangerinea dream for my O.J. - Orange Jamaican
i want a
smack in the face high. more rish orange , did i just smoke 5 grams type shit with a measured kick no creeping..
The LSD for the BB stinky, I want intoxicating indica blueberry knockout.
Ideally looking for something that leaves you punch drunk like having a tea cup of vodka.tripping in your bed when you close your eyes.i want psychoactive couchlock fuck my face is melting this is too much like a good hit of salvia.
but i want the taste to be dangerously alluring. days can go missing sleeping.

The auto amnesia will be for making fem beans.

Super lemon haze to back cross the JLH to i want 6 back crosses to make it a commercial standard consistent girl .
I know a basic step but wanna try this as it worked so well i always want the JLH in my stash. shes a really nice balanced smoke, however watch her a few too many spliffs and your sideways however its measured you can feel how much to have. It dosnt creep. so for me fine for the day.

to increase yield add vigour and lemonine i will find a choice lemon skunk with a good yield , will throw this in the mix to get a shorter girl i want shorter for the JLH bigger colas more side branching squatter.


Pineapple chunk for the Jamaican Wylde Cheese.- im looking for a peppery spicy Jamaican cheese no woody notes only spicy pepper strong cheese im looking for really want Jamaica to shine through on this not just another cheese must have pepper n spice .

Jamaican Wylde cheese - Wylde Bobs Blue Poison x UK Exodus cheese.

Pineapple Chunk Seeds
Description. Pineapple Chunk is a 3-way hybrid cannabis strain with Pineapple, Cheese and Skunk #1 genetics. A potent indica strain with complex flavours. Pineapple Chunk has great resistance to mould and plant diseases and although it is recommended to be grown indoors it will also grow well outdoors or in greenhouses ..
Nevilles Haze , well im not breeding-however i intend to enjoy the flower as is and maybe try learn a greater insight into being a better breeder.cantake 14-16 weeks so let her veg and supercrop her mercilessly.