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india grow with fc's seeds and alphatoys seeds. with one landrace

Indoor Growing

india grow with fc's seeds and alphatoys seeds. with one landrace


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met the plants. they are slow but doing well.

new growth is stress free.

i switched lights from tonight.

i am doing lights manually for couple of days till a professional sets my digital timer.

i got the number and will call our town's street light operator today.

till then i will go each morning and switch onn lights. at 10am.
(till then sun will come from exhaust hole from 6am) so no total darkness will be there.

will switch off lights at 6pm.
then there will be total darkness till morning 6am sun .

so offically the switch is done from today.

fan and exhaust is onn 24 hours.

will higher the lights again tomorrow by 10 inches as plant has reached much near to the lights already.

and as i have learned it will double in flowering.

the little 4 plants are in natural sunlight with 2 bulbs onn 24 hours..

will do something about them once they recover much well and mother plant starts flowering.


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they r doing well mate.
i din had time to check on mother plant in onn lights period so didnt disturb her at dark period.

i met 3 small ones
they are doing exceptional with sun and 2 bulbs for night.

can we cutt off the balls of hermi to make them female.


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It depends, if you have only very few male flowers on an otherwise completely female plant then yes you could remove these and still get a decenet harvest. If a plant goes full hermy then you'd be better of chopping the plant down and starting again.


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🤠its in the genes yazad even if you cut the male flowers off it is a hemi but the female side will still flower but as sunshine stated you have to do it early state and get rid of male areas for the female flowers if no flowers its pure male chop, chop. :p


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🤠now this is not what we wanted to hear they were doing so good before what have you changed in your growing room, soil, or ph, or lighting, or neutrinos , what is different from a couple of week ago we are all here to try and help you.:worried:
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