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india grow with fc's seeds and alphatoys seeds. with one landrace


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(Copied from my site ) Well I guess I got a bit excited with this corid 19 out their well they sent her home today I believe it was all your prayers that helped Thank you and we found out what was wrong ( To Much Puffing ) the doctor asked her after a urine test if she smoked of course their was a denial it is illegal here and the doctors have to tell the authority she stated that we were burning a bunch of brush and it did have some loco weed in it well they bought it (phew) so at least we know what caused her stomach spasms that's what she gets for mixing gorilla glue and critical AK 47 and UK Cheese that stuff is strong and here we just harvested one this morning But I am glad that every thing is getting back to normal doc said that back in the old days nothing like this would happen but now that THC is so high in plants you have to watch out for this so it looks like I will be growing less high grade THC plants here is a couple of pictures of my harvest this morning gorilla glue the last picture is UK Cheese it will be harvested in 5 days but I still have another gorilla glue a Afghani and a White Widow in the next 5 days OBOY and she is suppose to take it easy from here on but their is her son.


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I germinated a moby dick from green house before lock down

It got germinated but no artificial light

Only natural sunlight and very low water

It is 4 inches tall from soil and into flowering

Its now like 3 months old

From 2 days i have kept it under 100 watts of light and

Nautral sunlight too

What am i expected to see?

Can i make this tiny plant giant bylight and topping and time?

Its non auto

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