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Indoor and outdoor growing



I just planted a starter plant (this is my 1st time growing) i started with outdoor but i live at the beach where it is overcast for 2-3 days and than sunny for a day or two so i brought my plant indoors under a grow light when overcast and take it back outside when this kind of growing ideal when im not getting sun every day? Or will the plant not take very well to this behavior? Thanks for any advice..


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Welcome to FC @Cindy :) what you're doing is fine, what kind of grow light are you using? Good luck on your first grow any issues or questions just post up. Happy growing and happy 420!


Thank you for your reply Sunshine but i have since moved the plant outside as the weather is now beautiful but seems the insects are enjoying the leaves any organic pesticides you could recommend? Someone mentioned a spray bottle with Dawn and water but not sure it wont kill my plant..


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🤠Cindy try (cold-pressed Organic Neem oil) can be purchased at Amazon it works great for me on bugs also it will be mixed with dawn soap that is how I mix it and it will not effect your plant But if it is already in flower it will turn your white phistles orange just don't spray it on mature buds it will give them a medicated taste like menthol than it is like smoking menthol cigarettes :mask:
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