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** International Bean Smuggler NEW STRAIN re make ORANGE JAMAICAN- OJ ***

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Used a male Jamaican Lemon Haze x a Cali Orange select pheno marked ridiculously orange in the -past a few of you got them.

I wasnt happy at all with the original crosses too too many just not good so i had it in mind to try again but took a while to rejuve the very best Cali Orange , she stinks of orange.

I think she would be much better crossed with the JLH male. Im seeing gorgeous haze flora from the JLH and going frosty white now.

I think the orange cross will no doubt produce hopefully some faster finishers a bit less height .

You can see the cali orange she has been successfully pollinated by the JLH male.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-28 at 18.15.12.jpeg
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never tried an orangey one sounds tops mate
the original OJ was a fcuk up. so started again.

Cali Orange is a wonderfully rich in terpens strain . I choose a ridiculously orange smelling one. The stinkiest cali orange. It reeks of orange no way even someone who doesnt smoke cant smell it, the JLJ male - copious pollen.

hopefully get a good selection then more selecting but i wont give them out until im happy with a winner.

Thanks for your interest mate.