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*** jamaican cannabis SEED breeding**

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i had to order more seed containers . i have beans everywhere.
a note that going through lots of landrace strains sadly ends up now and then with a bag of hay.
the Jamaican no.2 is sadly horrid like hay.
It will be culled not brought back. i have a zip of crap now.
all its seeds are kept away from the others and thinking i should just cook with it just like a herb.
however on the bright side the peg leg was great.

so anyway point is to keep selecting Inbreeding , making new hybrids .
pic of horrible Jam no.2.
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-20 at 17.46.06.jpeg
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mixed Jam hybrids. glad i flipped em round to veg up and put the OJ-Orange Jamaican in her place in the flower cab. WhatsApp Image 2018-05-20 at 18.06.52.jpeg
just casting my eye around although they are unmarked i can see some SLH or banana hybrids a blueberry Mutant ..maybe two and one OJ.
that leggy one at the top looks like the sativa leaning banana pheno to me.
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In fact both and the one one the left of it . growing a bit unevenly to start.
Pull put them in bean tent in a little pot and start the bean tent on 12 / 12.
I will also of course have some male AK 47s and skunks males also.
havent decided about these yet.