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*** jamaican cannabis SEED breeding**

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veg cab 2 rejuves... coming back. Cali orange , BB stinky ,Nordes. Chiquita banana sativa.
also BB mutant looking runtish.

ditched one pot of Aks today looked runtish. Replaced with 18L pot with exodus cheese in veg cab 1.

I think having two veg cabs is a HUGE plus as i can pick the strongest growing plants and only flower the very best.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-16 at 19.18.18.jpeg
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Also the OJ isnt looking great . Not happy with the stature.

Embarrassed to say i feel i must start again with it. Take cuts of the original Cali OJ and cross perhaps cross x with the JLH male.

so Sunshine if i sent you any OJ please maybe dont waste your time. I did say they were experimental.

Outside wouldnt be a loss maybe.

im looking for more that top dawg look from the OJ bringing stout hard buds. starting to go leggy and not that look its not really what i wanted from her.

one door closes another opens. Sorry for the disappointing news from the garden !

i dont want leggy crap, its gotta go !

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