*** jamaican cannabis SEED breeding**

2 Jamaican males are almost 5ft tall ! Shot up ! Will prob chop em Sunday and use their pots and save pollen for the critical + , nordes , mango and bananas . They other indicas are all showing premature odd brown hairs. A sign pollination has worked.
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Shortly after a female flower has encountered male pollen, it will begin to shift over its efforts from expanding bud growth to producing seeds. The bracts will begin to swell and the white hairs will quickly start to turn red and then shrivel up. Soon after, the swollen calyxes will open and a seed can be seen protruding from it.

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Chopped 3 males . Kept one male. The most fragrant and stoutset and quickest flowering. Put the chiquita banas in the 3 pots so they have a pot each. All girls now that have been pollinated in the big tent.

In the big tent 3 blueberry , 2 orange , 2 lemon have , 2 Jamaican all females - pollinated with Jamaican males by open pollination.

In the DP90 there are Mango , bananas , nordes , critical + and one select Jamaican male- none of these have showed flowers yet.
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