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*** jamaican cannabis SEED breeding**

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Did a test of Cali Orange no.2 - a stinker ! seeds need a few more weeks. Generally can harvest seeds each week from all the girls until the end of the month when i suspect everything will be finished.
Lovely dark seeds when ripe from this Cali Orange no. 2 x Jam Male smooth color .- slight marbling.No real prominent tiger striping

Much lighter tan color seeds the Cali Orange no.1 x Jamaican Male

I recall the original cali orange seeds were light tan when i got them.
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@ Sunshine the Cali Orange no.2 was more like a chemical orange smell than a fruit smell like no.1.
Yep no.2 seeds are fat . they are taking longer to ripen upon inspection than no.1 also.

Only other seeds like this fat i have are the Nordes seeds. I crossed the Jam male with a Nordes fem only a few pollinated calyxes but the calyxes are about 4 times the size of an ordinary calyx.- will take pics and add later to other thread Jamaican cannabis seeds breeding.
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