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L E D 300w


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The flowers are blooming nicely, you've still got around a month left by the looks but yes she's on track and doing great đź‘Ť
When they're unhappy or not doing so well you'll see early pistil withering, when they bloom profusely with masses of white hairs as your girl is, you're onto a winner!


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🤠 I am with Sunshine on your growth it looks by your pictures they are only 1/2 way through flowering but they look great also my wife likes Pinky and stink bomb and blueghani they are probably all 19 to 23% thc and are Fairley easy to grow they all have a flower time of 50 to 60 days they come into flower at about 30 days or 11 days after 12X12 lighting .But their are a lot of great plant strains out their every body will have their own favorites :)
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