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Hi everyone,

I was convinced by my uncle to be here so I could learn many things. Most of the time I work at the cow farm and I would like to grow the plant that I heard helps manage depression and hypertension I see a vacant place to grow it. I hope everybody will welcome a beginner like me. I am willing to hear and learn from all of you on the step-by-step process of growing it. Thanks!
Welcome to the FC. There are going to be a lot of questions regarding, general location, watering/ feeding habits, and more if you decide to move indoors.

This area you're liking for a grow, how isolated is it? Will the other workers and the owner leave it alone? Can the cows get to that area? How quickly can you get it seeded? It is already a bit late this outdoor season but you should be able to get some sort of harvest. Do you already have seeds? Have you decided "Auto" or "Photo"? Just a few questions to get some info. More info=more answers.