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Leaves are turning brown


New Member
First time grower having problems with my plant. I'm growing in a 2x2x4.6 with a humidifier and a fan. I'm using a 102w mars hydro led light which is 10 inches from the plant. The temp in the tent is 29 degree celcius with 65% humidity. I started to notice the tips on all the leaves are turning brown


Organic Fanatic
Welcome to FC @Chris1021 👍 I'd recommend moving the light slightly further from the plant ie around 18inches for the next week while you remedy the issue.
Without further information it looks to me like the soil is hot / the plant / medium is over fertilised. Can you tell us what you've added to the soil so far, what brand it is and what if any fertilisers you've added so far? Seedlings need virtually no fertilisers added to the soil for several weeks 🌱
Your best bet is to give her plain water only for the next few waterings, move the light to around 18inches and I'd hope that within 10-14 days you'll see a big improvement.
Good luck and keep us posted 🌞 Any questions just shout :)