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lec vs. led

Indoor Growing

lec vs. led


Humble Helper
🤠did you harvest a bit early the pistils look pretty white what strain is this one she sure is pretty what day was it in flowering also how do you do your washing and drying looks like you have to get through the forest first.


Humble Helper
Happy July 4 to you too @mbnmv and to all the FC fam :party:
Wow Sunshine Thank you to hear that from you is pretty great since July 4 is when we won our independence from England, Right at this moment I just came in from the deck from watching all the fireworks all over the lake ALSO Good Harvest mbnmv next grow will probably be so large it will take you a year to puff it all


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Here's a "volunteer" that popped up,it was growing through the pallet,it survived!!big buds, nothing else,second photo,Passion fruit,???,third photo,another widow,(next media of month)????😈this is what the first one grew in,not much dirt, WEEDS THEY WILL SURVIVE


Organic Fanatic
The suprise girl looks interesting! She's got some sativa in her by the looks, what's the smell like from that one?
You're revegging the widow? That's going to be an absolute monster of a plant :)
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