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Review "Legal" High grade CBD Bud / Hemp Flowers ordered from ebay


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I've been very curious about these high grade cbd buds for quite a while and the other day my curiousity got the better of me so I decided to pull the trigger and order some of these CBD Buds and do a review here :)

After much umming and ahhhing I opted for the Sour Widow in the end, the price wasn't bad and the vendor had excellent feedback.

This is what arrived 📦
As you can see the product is discretely packaged in a heat sealed, resealable baggie. Delivery was prompt with no mention of the contents or the company ordered from on the packaging. So far so good!

A peak inside 👀
DSC_1853.JPG DSC_1852.JPG DSC_1854.JPG DSC_1855.JPG DSC_1856.JPG
The buds look suprisingly good, nothing like the horrible seed laden hemp of old, this is indoor grown and manicured. I'm actually quite impressed with the cured look and lack of leafage.

The smell
This stuff smells great!!!! 👃 Definite strong unmistakable widow aroma, I'm almost at a disbelief that this is "legal" and not the real deal. If I bought this in a dutch coffee shop I wouldn't blink. I really can not get over how much this stinks.. it smells exactly like the real deal. Blown away.

A closer look
DSC_1857.JPG DSC_1858.JPG DSC_1859.JPG
The pics don't really do this justice, out of the bag the smell is even more intense. There is not much leaf on the bud, no seeds and the buds are manicured nicely with just the right amount of sugar leaf, trichomes are clearly visible and the product looks well cured 😋

The proof is in the pudding
The only sure fire way of judging these High CBD flowers is to smoke them, so I take small bud and rip it into my glass spoon, just enough for a decent lung full.

The taste
The taste is like the smell, the acrid danky widow flavour with a hint of spice and sour. I was expecting a harsher burn and more burnt leaf flavour but suprisingly the flavour is very good indeed.

The high
The high came on quickly and is stronger than I was anticipating, this isn't weak, not one bit. I had mentioned my intentions to do this experiment to one of my friends who pessimistically said that it wouldn't get me high. Well I had the bowl about an hour ago now and believe me, I still feel relaxed with a very nice buzz and no anxiety/paranoia. The high I have to say, is much stronger than expected and as I said earlier in this review I'm struggling to tell the difference between this and "real" bud.

Opportunities for improvement
The product is not organic, if it was I'd be even more impressed, as the market expands I fully expect organic lines to become available.
Lab test results - it would be reassuring as a consumer if this came with lab test results showing at the minimum the thc and cbd content. Terpene profile would be a bonus.
Pesticides - I'm fairly certain these products are pesticide free, it mentions this in the advert but certification or accreditation here would increase consumer confidence.

Clearly this "legal" bud has come a very long way, they can now take literally any strain and breed it to a high cbd low thc format without losing the precious terpenes that give the strains their signature aromas and taste.

I think it's brilliant and super convenient that you can log on to ebay and buy bud/flower legally, albeit cbd heavy and below 0.2% thc (the eu threshold to classify it as hemp rather than cannabis). I didn't think this day would come, but far from being the finish line this is very much the beginning of what is an extremely exciting time for both cannabis enthusiasts and medical users alike.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this article please click like and comment below. Also if anyone would like to see any other "legal" cbd products reviewed let me know, always happy to be a guinea pig and share my exploits here with the good folk at FC :)

*legal has been typed "legal" as the legality is still in question, despite this and similar products being below 0.2% thc noone has as far as I know tested the law on this and I imagine you would still get nicked for possession in this country as the average copper has no way of knowing what the product is without confiscating and sending it for testing.


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Very interesting @Sunshine! I keep cbd oil around the house but I'm not a fan because anything oily is hard on my stomach.

I'd smoke that in a heartbeat, its crazy to me that its seedless and still has those signature terps. Thanks for doing this experiment, someday I plan to grow some cbd strains and now I'm that much more excited to give it a try 👍


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Thanks @ThC & @420boss 🌞
Thanks for doing this experiment, someday I plan to grow some cbd strains and now I'm that much more excited to give it a try 👍
Me too!!! I'm trying to score some cuts from the source that are very high cbd ie around 20% and low thc >0.2% for breeding, will let you guys know how I get on 🌱
Wow, this is awesome!! Can’t wait to try this out, might grab a bag for when my dealer goes ‘missing’ and I’m running low on nugs. Great review Sunshine 👊
Great idea! Definitely a useful backup plan, I might try/review some cbd hash next 👍

James G

Purchased some to give it a try and if it gives me the affects as written in your well written review then maybe will consider this whenever I'm low on cannabis.


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Ebay used to be flooded with all manner of cbd products from flower to hash to concentrates but it seems they've clamped down now and all of these listings have been removed :(


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I've just googled and where I am there are still half a dozen online shops selling cbd flowers so you will almost certainly find some with a bit of googling. Best to stick with websites that have been around a while and have a good rep. Good luck! - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains


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CBD oil is not considered a strong narcotic substance and many use it as a medicine. As for the test, after using CBD oil, the text will show that you have narcotic substances in your blood, but if you show CBD oil, then I’m sure that you will be hired and this will not be a problem. I have juul and I recently bought pods with cbd oil from the site in order to fight depression and fatigue and when I said this at work during the next check, they treated me very loyally. So don’t worry!

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