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Lemon Rift F1 Outdoor Grow


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Just had a bad infestation of spider mites hit one of my lemon rift. It was dying so I just chopped it. Everything else is doing great. I got 1 of my 2 fruit bowl seeds to pop ๐Ÿ˜€. That's a badass name sunshine haha yep dr.longbeard I LUV fruity flavors so delicious. Got 2 lemon rifts left 1st pic is fruit bowl looking good very excited 20180826_122311.jpg 20180826_122315.jpg 20180826_122318.jpg 20180826_122337.jpg 20180826_122341.jpg 20180826_122350.jpg 20180826_122354.jpg 20180826_125220.jpg

Dr. Longbeard

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Sorry to hear about the mites, they can be a real nightmare to eliminate ๐Ÿ•ท
Great news about the Fruitbowl! ๐ŸŽ‰
Ya we call spider mites the Borg they invest and multiple quickly. There are some great organic methods to get rid of them there is a cayenne pepper spray you can use garlic spray works too. But when planting outdoors companion planting is a great way to keep them off your plant to begin with chives onions garlic dill all work great when a spider mite comes swinging in the smell of these plants will drive them away they will not want to hang around and lay eggs. Companion planting is a great tool outdoors with pests and other plant help health and growth I'll grow chives and clover in my pots with my plants the chives for bugs and the clover pulls nitrogen from the air and fixates in the and other plants will use that up double bonus.