lets learn about indian strains.


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hello people, i am yazad and am 28 years old from india.

in this post i would like to discuss about different strains locally available in india.

we have always learned that non autos function on light and we seperate the male from female..

while talking to the local indian farmers i notice they have no knowledge of it.

they grow cannabis like corn no light schedules no male female seperation.

lets start from the bag seeds i got from my local town..

i germinated them and today they are 36 days old...

lets discuss about them.



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Excellent thread @yazad!
in this post i would like to discuss about different strains locally available in india.
How many different strains would you say there are in your locality? what are the key differences?
while talking to the local indian farmers i notice they have no knowledge of it.
they grow cannabis like corn no light schedules no male female seperation.
What is the main output from these locally grown crops? Hash?
I'd be fascinated to hear more about the local land race cannabis there, the strains and peculiarities :)
i germinated them and today they are 36 days old...
Were these grown outside? They appear to be what most people would describe as sativas, what's your opinion?
How long do these local plants take to flower? Are they already showing preflowers?
Thanks for sharing your pics yazad :sun:

yazad's reply

india is a huge country a big one..
the make hash in the himalayas we all know about malana..
but that is NORTH.

i am from west. my state is gujarat.

here no one knows much about cannabis.

it is unbailable offence and felony still even native indians (you will be shock to know india too has native indians like red indians in america, and they are the minority, hindus are a foreign race and not native to india) so even native indians dont know much about cannabis here..

farmers dont grow maruana for selling as there is no demand in the first place as people dsnt know much.. EVERY ONE JUST WANTS ALCHOHOL AND ALMOST EVERY HOUSE MAKES ALCOHOL IN DEEP VILLAGES.

here farmers who smoke cannabis ONLY they grow for their own consumption.

ok. so comming to strains..

this plant wich i have grown is frm bag seeds.

but AKKUDI GOLD AND MANGO are some south indian strains sativa and very potent with thc almost 28percent. i am yet to get those seeds..

i have some other quality seeds from my state itself wich am yet to germinate those seeds are very large in size comparatively to imported and bag seeds wich i have seen till now.

i have no idea about preflower or what because this is my first time. and i doubt this is rudralis. these are grown under sun with little shade and ocassionally water with no oter care as they are bagseeds and i did not had ANY hope they will grow.



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Time zones I think is most likely. In USA it's the middle of the night ;)
The large seeds will be interesting to grow out for sure!
I wonder what the natural light cycle is there at the moment ie how many hours of sun light a day?
The Akkudi Gold and Mango sound extremely potent, good luck hunting down the genetics :)
Is it mainly hash on the market there or both hash and flowers? I'd love to see what the different hash is like!
Does cannabis grow wild there? Can you just walk along the road and pick it when it's ripe? or is the wild cannabis lacking potency?


am glad many other people joined the converaation.

yes those big seeds must be good to know about, i have never seen such large seeds.

"in himalayas, deep forests and some villages in himalayas weed grows wild, you just like u can pick it up and smoke"

but as i said india is very huge in size so NOT EVERYWHERE just in himalayas.

my servent had planted a bag seed in front of his house and its more thn a year no one even noticed it. (people dsnt know much abt what weed looks like)

food here is really tasty its all about what u choose to eat for the first time.. food is very diverse too.

HASH malana cream is from malana village in himalaya.. its hash is very famous world wide..

here we cant have large farms as growing is felony so flower is all we get..


a good quality weed if a farmer has grown for his own consuption then its price depends on the personal relatiin he has with the buyer.


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you are welcome. come lets explore himalayas togather. 1 usd is 65indian rupya.
That would be a dream come true!!! Hopefully one day :sun:
I'd love to try some fresh hand made charas, even better make/rub some myself :)
Another thing I haven't tried is bhang - have you had it and did you enjoy it? Do they sell this in a lot of places?


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in india too cannabis products such as bhangs are LEGAL in SOME states, and are sold at GOVERNMENT stores itself.

i have not tryed bhang as its from milk and i dont like milk.

bhang is cannabis milkshake.


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I really want to try bhang, I found a recipe for it, maybe this weekend coming I will make some and put pics up :)
Think I might have to adjust the recipe slightly as drinking 1/2 oz would send me to a different solar system :dizzy::laughing:


Bhang is a cannabis infused beverages that has been used throughout the Indian subcontinent for centuries. It is most commonly served during the Hindu festival of Holi in India and Nepal.

This recipe will make a potent batch of bhang. When using this recipe, only consume 1 to 2 ounces at a time, and wait at least 90 minutes before deciding whether or not to have more. For a less potent batch, use half the amount of cannabis.

  • 1½ Cups water
  • ½ Ounce fresh cannabis flowers and leaves (does not need to be ground, but break it up with your hands)
  • 3 Cups milk, warm
  • ¼ tsp garam masala
  • ¼ tsp ginger powder
  • ¼ tsp fennel powder
  • ½ tsp anise powder
  • ½ tsp cardamom powder
  • ½ tsp rosewater
  • ½ Cup sugar (honey may be used instead of sugar)
  • Rose petals, mint leaves, chopped almonds to garnish (Optional)
  1. Bring water to a rapid boil in a teapot (or pan for less traditional methods). Once boiling, remove water from heat and add the cannabis. Allow it to sit for about 7 minutes.
  2. Strain the cannabis through cheese cloth or a mesh strainer and save the water. Continue extracting the liquid until none remains.
  3. Combine the hot leaves and flowers in a mortar with 4 teaspoons of the warm milk. Use a pestle to grind the milk and leaves together.
  4. Once well combined, squeeze the milk through the cheese cloth or strainer. Set milk aside.
  5. Repeat this process until you have used all of the milk.
  6. Combine the milk, rosewater and the water used to boil the cannabis into a container of your choice.
  7. Add the garam masala, ginger, fennel, anise, cardamom, and sugar to the warm liquid. Stir until well combined.
  8. Allow the mixture to cool before serving. Garnish with rose petals, mint leaves, chopped almonds, or star anise.

Remember that it can take up to 2 hours to feel the full effects when ingesting cannabis edibles.