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Frank L

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Jul 24, 2020
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Hi, I have been collecting and trading seeds (as well as growing and cultivating them) for several years, but just yesterday came upon this site.

I'm hoping to find some other interested people to trade seeds with, so I can add more seeds to my collection to be grown this year or in the near future, as well as help others expand their collections!

Currently I have 5 or more of the following to trade:

Afghani Special
Brain's Escape
Durban Poison
Girl Scout Cookies
God's Grand Double Purple
Gorilla Girl
Gorilla Glue
Grand Daddy Purple
Grape Ape
Haze #1
Haze Special
K.C. 39
K.C. 45
Leda Uno
Lemon Jeffery
Master Kush
Maui Waui
Mind Bender
Northern Light Special
Northern Lights
Pineapple Express x Eleven Roses
Pink Kush
PKAOG (Platinum Kush x Afghani Ocean Grown)
Skunk #1
Sour OG x Bubba
Stargazer (Northern Lights x Einstein's Pipe)
Stephen Hawking Kush
Super Diesel
Super Kush
Super Skunk
Swazi Gold
Thai (Landrace)
Triple Purple Rhino
White Widow
White Widow Bubble (White Widow x Bubble Gum)
Ziggy Stardust (Northern Lights x Rosaberry)

If you're interested in any let me know, thanks!
I am looking to trade but only in Canada.