Love Cannabis Seeds - Wedding Cake


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Aug 7, 2017
Sunshine, what is your organic soil mixture?

envious of your grows
Thanks @Highcountry and welcome to FC :) The current soil mix is organic potting soil which comes with calcified seaweed in, mycorrhizae, kelp, dolomite lime, worm castings, vermiculite, perlite and fish blood and bone. I add low doses of organic liquid seaweed almost every watering and very occassionally some molasses, when circumstances allow I like to apply ACT but that's not practical for me at the moment so haven't done so for quite a while. Let me know if you have any other questions?


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Nov 19, 2020
wow, this is amazing! You have very beautiful flowers and large ones. I could not achieve such a result for a long time:)) I really like )) I used to grow it, too. I liked to take care of them as a hobby. I also really liked the way they smelled. When I went to my small greenhouse, its smell filled all its space, very cool before, unfortunately, I don't grow anything anymore, I don't have enough time. By the way, if you need more marijuana flowers, you can order them. I also ordered marijuana flowers once, I don't remember why, but they're not hard to find. You can find it on weed online canada.
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