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Making cannabis infused alcohol (rum)

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Making cannabis infused alcohol (rum)


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So I decided to use up some powdered lower bud and sugar leaf I had lying around by infusing it with alcohol, something which I haven't done for several years...

The first step in making cannabis infused alcohol is to decarb your herb, best advice at the moment is to heat to 240f for 45-60mins for the best conversion.
What Is Decarboxylation?
We’re going to get a little science-y here, but stick with me. It sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Decarboxylation is simply “a chemical reaction that removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide (CO2)” [wiki].

When it comes to marijuana, decarboxylation effectively removes the COOH group from the THC-A molecule by releasing H2O (water) an CO2 (carbon dioxide), turning it into the psychoactive THC.
After the herb was decarb'd I added it to the alcohol bottle using a funnel made from paper and gave it a good shake.


Now it's a question of sitting back and leaving it until xmas/new year to infuse. Nearer the time I'll decant and strain it into a smaller bottle so there's no particulate left in the rum.

I'm looking forward to sharing some shots of this with good friends over the festive season :party::party::party:


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plane old Air, that is a cool jar on the right of the picture what is it from .
The jar had either gherkins/pickles or sauerkraut in :)
on dcarbing are the product you are using dry or new leaves.
It was already powdered and dry before hand, it was around for a very long time so I wanted to use it up.
I think this rum will be like Rocket Fuel when it's done 😵


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I want to try it out like describes below

How to Mix Cannabis and Alcohol?

Though many experts warn of the side effects of mixing cannabis and alcohol, this trend remains popular in the marijuana community. There are many ways of mixing these two substances: adding weed to beers, liquors, vodka or making THC-infused cocktails.
Some cannabis companies have already produced weed-infused alcohol beverages, but they use industrial hemp or high-CBD strains, as marijuana is still illegal on the federal level.

For instance, California-based company Humboldt Distillery produces vodka made from hemp that is full of delicious herbal notes. If you like wine, then Mary Jane Wine can offer you a CBD-infused table wine. But if you are a beer lover, then you can opt for hemp beer made by Humboldt Brewing Co., Dad and Dudes, or Red Hook.

It is a challenging task to infuse alcohol with THC, as the THC molecule does not combine with alcohol one. This means that cannabis will affect only after its absorption. Its effects will be similar to the action of edibles. It takes from 10 to 20 minutes to wait until a high comes.
However, be careful of the possible side effects of cannabis. It is hard to control your dose in this case, as you may drink too much without noticing it.

Nevertheless, if you decide to mix cannabis and alcohol at home, here are some tips for you.
  • The simplest way is to add a few drops of a cannabis tincture to your alcohol drink.
  • You can also make your own alcohol beverage using marijuana flowers after reading this article.
  • Paying attention to cannabis flavors, you can add new notes to your drinks. For example, fruity strains like Strawberry Cough or Tangerine are best paired with vodka, while piney buds of Northern Lights or Jack Herer are more suitable for gins. If you want to make a drink with lemon flavor, then pair Lemon Haze or Sour Diesel with tequila.
Once more, be careful with your dose. As if mixing cannabis and alcohol unites the benefits of both, you may also experience not only the side effects of cannabis but alcohol too.
Any advice from experienced brewers?
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I almost forgot about this until this thread got bumped, I can't wait to filter and drink some of this when it's time :party:
I'll post up some pics when it's done 📸
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