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Question My baby weed its been 10 days it grow but the leaf are so round and it didnt look like weed leaf and i took the seed from royal auto company femenise


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Welcome to FC Shadow! :)
It sounds like you're describing the 'cotyledons' (see pic) these have a rounded appearance and are perfectly normal 🌱
Stick around and we can help make sure you get an awesome harvest and avoid the common new grower pitfalls ;)
Your biggest danger right now is overwatering, a tiny seedling needs very little water so go easy and very soon she will grow true leaves.

Let us know if you have any other questions :sun:
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😀 Welcome to FC Shadow like Sunshine says overwatering is a big cause the plants don't make it I myself only use a spray bottle and spray 2 or 3 pumps per day also watch your light they can burn up quickly if to close , Sunshine that's a great picture above. The only thing I can say is what sunshine says join us and sunshine WILL get you a great harvest,
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