my new round of little ones :)

im gonna post updates regularly throughout the rest of this grow. here i have a photo iranian fast flower topped 4 times from seed. and a auto bluberry lowryder. any thoughts?



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Welcome to FC robdawg! :)
The iranian sounds very interesting. Can I ask a few questions about your grow?
What kind of light/s are you using?
Your soil mix looks like it needs more perlite, what's in your soil mix at the moment?
What size containers are they in at the moment?
Have you fed them at all so far? if so what have you given them?
It's not looking bad at all and with a bit of fine tuning you'll be on course for a nice harvest :sun:
right now im working on a budget. im running a 400 watt mh for my main light that i switch up to 600 watts when the plants get i know its not very good but im running a 4 bay 4 foot t8 panel for my smaller ladies. my soil mix is pro mix, coco coir, grow stones and sunshine mix. i use fox farms microbe brew, grow science cilica, general organics floralicious plus and fox farms grow big. im using anywhere from solo cups all the way up to 7 gallon pots.
nice looking plants . Any info on the Iranian ?
yeah i got the seeds last spring, its a photo period plant, but it flowers in 41 days. the thc is only around %15 but im working it into breeding projects so that i can reduce the flower time on other strains. but i know its gonna take alot of breeding and i wanna make sure i dont sacrifice the quality of other strains