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Problem My outdoor grow in India.


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this plant was born at 10th feb and was topped and cut in very cruel way. shifted lights too much early thus early flowering.
any how i am feeding it sea weed with every watering tempteture is 42 celcious. it is in direct sun.
it is into flowering as we xan see.
the leaves are yellow what does they say.

should i add anything more.
should i add p and k ?
i added much wood ash yeterday as much doses of sea weed had gone to her.


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You're going to love love love the NL, such a great strain :)
Looks like she's off to a good start. Remember to green her up and stop her getting pale make sure you let her get nice and dry between waterings ;)
May be due to heat stress:sweat: caz its under direct sun:sun:(40*C) on the terrace and i dint water it from the day she popped out of soil , still got some moisture left.
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