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Need Help, just moved to OH - Cancer patient :(

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Need Help, just moved to OH - Cancer patient :(


New Member

I'm seeking help : /

I hope this isn't frowned upon.

I have stomach cancer and a couple of other issues. Just moved to near Akron, OH a week ago.
I was able to place an order, so that I can get some pain relief, but, it won't be arriving until Friday.

So, I am seeking any help to find a referral or a way to get some indica or good quality edible before Friday.

I attempt to stay away from any/all pharmaceutical products, but, in addition to issues above, I'm having a Chron's flare up :(

So, really hoping to find anyone that can help :(

Thank you SO much


Organic Fanatic
Your best bet is to look on instagram for local "plugs". Lots of people on there doing their thing and it's not hard to find.
I just found several on IG now in Ohio with zero effort just searching "Ohio Plug". Good luck.
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