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New 'cannabis perfume' has been created...using science

Wilde Vertigga and Eybna Technologies have come together to release a wild new scent.

The Wilde Kush aroma is based on a famous landrace strain, 'Afghan Kush', which is one of the purest indica strains on the planet.

Originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range, Afghan Kush captures an earthy scent with hints of sandalwood, pine, and lemon.

Wilde Vertigga, a unisex clothing line, decided to create the scent.

Nadav Eyal, Co-Founder & CEO of Eybna Technologies, added: "Our unique research on the medicinal effects of cannabis, in collaboration with several Israeli academic institutes, has interestingly leveraged us to solve challenges and produce aromas never smelt before.

"Terpenes, along with other specialty aromatic ingredients which have been our main research subject over the past four years, are the secret behind some of the medical values of cannabis treatment and also its very complex aromatic signature.

"Over 500 terpenes and other fragrance molecules come together in the Wilde Kush fragrance.”

[source: / published: August 9. 2018]


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