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NEW: FC Referral Competition - Win Rare FREE Cannabis Seeds


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Dear Esteemed FC'rs,

Here's another fantastic opportunity to win some rare FREE Seeds courtesy of Sunshine. All you have to get your hands on these hot seeds is refer as many valid members to as you can by Nov. 30 2017.

  • First Prize (36 Trophy Points) - 1 x Carribean Land Race Sativa 10 Pack + 1 x Dank Mix 10 Pack + 1 x FruitBowl 10 Pack
  • Second Prize (24 Trophy Points) - 1 x Carribean Land Race Sativa 5 pack + 1 x Dank Mix 5 Pack + 1 x FruitBowl 5 Pack
  • Third Prize (12 Trophy Points)- 1 x Carribean Land Race Satvia 3 Pack + 1 x Dank Mix 3 Pack + 1 x FruitBowl 3 Pack

**Please DO NOT Spam other forums or boards** This is unhelpful to the community and engaging in spam will mean disqualification from the current competition.

  • A referral is a member referred by you who registers and makes at least 3 useful posts.
  • Competition closes 30 November 2017. So your winning packs will be with you by Christmas.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are determined by the number of Trophy points ie 36 Trophy points wins 1st place, 24 trophy points wins 2nd position and 12 Trophy points wins 3rd.
  • Please Note: The positions are decided by the Number of Trophy Points only.

Good Luck Everyone.