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** NEW LANDRACE HYBRIDS seeds.. jamaican super lemon haze male x jamaican chiquita banana sativa pheno **

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Notes to myself aswell as others etc -

the JCB in the front went more sativa leaning but looks set to be heavier yielding than the original but not what i was gunning for.
dont want to speak to soon.a limited pandoras box of great stuff in there. at the thc it weighs in at its definitely worth a crack.

but such a large pot for her when maybe my ibs - ak clock work ange orange would of been better choice more in the jar sooner.

another blood bath of failed hybrids today again mainly old orange Jamaican , few JCB, some JWB Jamaican wild blueberry..

fingers crossed for the new JWB . I know i was very lucky with the JLH . Im very happy with her indeed.

Will be producing fem seeds of these.
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