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** NEW LANDRACE HYBRIDS seeds.. jamaican super lemon haze male x jamaican chiquita banana sativa pheno **

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Notes to myself aswell as others etc -

the JCB in the front went more sativa leaning but looks set to be heavier yielding than the original but not what i was gunning for.
dont want to speak to soon.a limited pandoras box of great stuff in there. at the thc it weighs in at its definitely worth a crack.

but such a large pot for her when maybe my ibs - ak clock work ange orange would of been better choice more in the jar sooner.

another blood bath of failed hybrids today again mainly old orange Jamaican , few JCB, some JWB Jamaican wild blueberry..

fingers crossed for the new JWB . I know i was very lucky with the JLH . Im very happy with her indeed.

Will be producing fem seeds of these.
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been thinking about the jcb sativa they grow tall generally like a stick low yielding but sticky and definite headstash.
I definitely want more of it . However one pot per girl of this is wasted space given they have a small rot ball with one long searching taproot.

So i ordered some tomato bags with the side pockets
idea is i can put a nordes at the top and jcb sativas around the side pockets giving me a larger crop of it 4 weeks after the Nordes.
The Nordes will use the top half of the soil the sativa tap roots will search for moisture and air from the generous layer of clay pebbles at the bottom , will put a little extra for this purpose.

I ordered 3 of these tomato sacs as an experiment to incorporate another cycle in the mix.
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Just potted a couple of JCB x JLH in the same 11L bag.

Starting germing 4 seeds a hybrid Indica my own selections- AK47 crossed with a Nordes male..

Im considering turning the smaller flower cab on its side to get more floor area for a veg cab. In fact im pretty sure this is best for yield at the end of the line.