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** NEW LANDRACE HYBRIDS seeds.. jamaican super lemon haze male x jamaican chiquita banana sativa pheno **

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Note to myself .

Very similiar to my original peg legIBL structure. Yield a little better not much . I got much more velvety leaves showing that quality of the original Chiquita Banana- quick note i found a Chiquita banana that was unlike all the other sativa leaving phenos an indica .

Its lost the tropical mixed fruit smell of the Peg Leg its more over powered by a milder rounded exotic floral smell very fresh like faint jamaican floral pot pouri but not spicy definitely not. not pepper. i wouldnt call it citrus either . hints of unripe banana .true to its name though it was the only indica. not that the smell of unripe bananas is its bonus, in fact its biggest bonus is you cant smell this plant hardly at all.Such a very fresh low odor plant . Like a mild air mountain breeze type freshener was sprayed a while ago in the room faint smell was left best way to describe it.

When plucking seeds which was easy like the Nordes other hyrids they great fat mainly at the nodes.I had to be careful not to shake the plant as at 5.5 weeks the seeds at the nodes were ripe i had to take them as the seed casings were all open at the main nodes they were ripe. The seed casing all encrusted in lorry loads of sticky sweet thc.

Downside ...

Its not got the stature i want . Its a pleasure to grow its sprawling Jamaican not giving a fuckness loppy plant. Soft to touch as i mentioned .
More strawberry than rhubarb colored stems on this one. Of the course the peg leg - hence the name matured with liquorice black stems.paler rhubarb color this time.

Im seeing patterns - not hard since ive culled so many failed hybrids now. about a key a similiar parent lines.. Much higher successes.

eg the nordes x bb stinky

easier to match with the jlh x jcb plant as its seeds were with a Nordes
so im fairly confident . Im quite happy with the genetics i have the Jamaican landrace are a lot of fun trying to tame..

However after i think over a year breeding here at FC,. the original Chiquita banana and its hybrids have been the very best. i can say has won the show in my set up. Its all onwards with what we have now.

I have a lovely BB stinky x Nordes.. The BB stinky i still have the original is a very stout plant. That bluebbery x Nordes will i believe be the key..