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New light, need help!


Every day I'm Wrangling
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@Sunshine @Uncle_Al we could not find his led lights in storage so I ended up with what I believe to be an hps with a hood. And some other goodies to make sure I don't burn my house down, but it's a bit over my head. What have I got here? How do I go about setting it up? I've got the paired 600w ballast and a "control center". I'm also planning on running the led at the same time if I can fit it, and I was wondering if it can run on its side? I was also wondering if I can plug the led into the control center the hps will be in, so it's all on the same timer? The control center will be plugged into the "220" in my bathroom, as well as a "110" wall socket. Also, the ushio box has a new light in it, he told me it was probably better than the one currently in the hood. It says it puts off 95,000 lumens and it's 600w, is that the actual draw? I'm very aware that hps and ballasts put off heat, so the ballast will live on a milk crate and I will be moving the heater out when it's all set up.
20171004_233230.jpg 20171004_233620.jpg 20171004_233634.jpg 20171004_234406.jpg 20171004_234428.jpg 20171004_234437.jpg 20171004_234507.jpg 20171004_234610.jpg 20171004_234701.jpg

I'm sorry for not great quality, I was very shaky after carrying this expensive shit lol
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Hey @FerretWrangler :)
I've not used any HPS for best part of a decade, I literally dumped out 2 600s 2 400s and 2 150s as well as a couple of ancient 70s, pretty painful throwing away working kit but when you know you're never going to use it again what's the point in having it lying around.
Twice over the period of about 15 years I've discovered blackened sockets when unplugging HIDs to pack kit up, this is despite using relays and rcd. It shouldn't happen but it can even when correctly wired.
I've also seen a grow where the ballasts were mounted in rows on the walls and several had got so hot they'd left burn marks on the walls :scream:
Not wishing to scare you, many people use them for years without issue but I like to err on the side of caution and took the above as a warning, swiftly switching to LED and I haven't looked back.
I'm not trying to rain on your parade but it would be remiss of me not to share my experiences which you can make of what you will.
Would I use an old 600w that's been in storage for years in my house, me personally I would not.
As always the above is my personal stance based on my individual experiences and many people do use HPS for years without issue.
LEDs are more efficient, cooler and safer and IMO the future, my next lights when these go pop will be COB LEDs :sun:

Can you post a pic of the label on the control/relay and it laid out with all wires and plugs:idea:
Also if there is a label on the underside of the ballast please post pic, it should mention voltage etc ;)


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@JaxxMunster ,don't buy lights on eBay unless they are new- really new. Not like new or good as new. A lot of junk gets passed off that way. That ad looks like a fair deal, well at first glance I haven't gone over it with a fine tooth comb.
@FerretWrangler that is a wide spectrum bulb it works but with reduced efficiency, with the reduced efficiency comes extra heat I wouldn't be surprised if it needed a fan added to the hood. I would definitely add one. I need you to post the electrical specifications that should be clearly listed on a label. If they are not there post the products name and model numbers if it is a safe piece of equipment it will have a UL or CE to it, from the numbers I can tell you what you can safely do


Every day I'm Wrangling
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As if I remember correctly you are not that far away from where I am, send a pm maybe I could be persuaded to make a house call
Thanks @Uncle_Al I will pm you! I'm gonna finish talking pics for everyone, it will take a bit as I've been up and down ladders all day and I'm tired and covered in paint and polyurethane.


Every day I'm Wrangling
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@Sunshine I know hps is kind of a thing of the past, and I will be careful with it but the biggest thing is that it's a freebie, and much more powerful than my led. I wish I could afford more leds but I cannot. 2 years ago all this equipment times 3 or 4 was in here and the guy only checked once a day and kept his ballasts on boards. I just feel like I would be dumb to pass up this opportunity.