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Announcement New Style Option - FC Sideways

Do you like the new style?

  • No, I really don't like it.

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  • No, I prefer the old style.

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  • Yes, I love it.

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Staff member
Good Evening FC,

A new style option is now available and can be selected by clicking the style selector paint brush icon located in the footer.

As this new style is still being developed any feedback would be very helpful indeed.



Staff member
Thank you @Sunshine,

Issues, bugs and todo list:
  • Logo issue on mobile devices - FIXED
  • Reviews section style not changing - FIXED
  • Home link to be added to side menu? - FIXED
If anyone comes across any other issues, glitches or has any suggestions for the new style please chime in.

All the above issues will be resolved tomorrow.



Humble Helper
🤠sorry Thc you know me I am an old style when I came back on here everything was different when I came to freecannabis.com I used to read all of the items you placed out their now no more also items page does not line up on my computer any longer every thing is about 1/4 cut off have to arrow over every time I go anywhere very nascent sorry I know you work very hard on what you do and thank you but I am still old school. But I will survive o_O


Staff member
Thank you for your feedback @Alphatoy,

You can select the old style using the style switcher on the footer if this is your preferred version.
also items page does not line up on my computer any longer every thing is about 1/4 cut off
Which page are you referring to? Could you please post a link to the page in question.

It would also be helpful to know which browser and version you're using as I'm unable to replicate this at the moment.

Thank you,

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