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Jan 28, 2021
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Would love to trade, but another user from Canada says the mail system out there has been broken the last several trades hes made. Have you noticed any trouble woth your post ?


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Dec 10, 2020
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In canada. Received seeds. Took two weeks longer than it should have. I'm also living in almost as far North as you can get in Ontario.

Canada Post has been really crappy since just before Christmas. According to our post office, it's a bottleneck with the main sorting facilities. I call shenanigans to that.

I was tracking an international package that went to Mississauga, then to Winnipeg, then to North Bay, and it arrived 12 days after that. That's not a bottleneck. That's incompetence.

Since covid, Canada Post has really back slid into very bad habits. The union protects them from being fired and more and more posties are phoning in the effort. Post covid, I seriously doubt things will improve much.