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No News ...Is Good News?


Staff member
Good Afternoon FC.

After much deliberation and with some regret we've decided to pull the "News" forum. This is entirely in light of new, impending EU legislation covering online platforms and the
distribution of licensed content from news outlets and other media sources.

The gist of which is that anyone republishing such information can be fined heavily and the website potentially taken down, this is a position we are keen to avoid so in the interest of prudence have removed the News forum entirely.

We appreciate this will leave a void which we are working hard to fill but have an exciting new feature we're currently developing which we should be able to go live with by the end of the month. This will be a fully featured review system or strain base where strain reviews will be able to posted and rated which should prove to be an excellent addition to the community.

In the mean time we hope you continue to enjoy using the forums and welcome any suggestions from you our valued members.

Kindest regards,

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