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Organic recycled soil grow-Ibs Nordes scrog

Indoor Growing

Organic recycled soil grow-Ibs Nordes scrog


Every day I'm Wrangling
I decided against buying a new light, and I'm simply going to cut the hvac down to size to make my inline fan more efficient, and use the saved money to get another or a new air conditioner. This way I can keep me, the plant, and the ferrets cooler.

The screen is pretty lackluster but its a poor mans scrog and it actually moves up and down lol I may well add a second screen later on to support the buds too.

I went with an irresponsibly large 30 gallon fabric pot and added a ton of perlite, and rejuvenated the soil with mykos and fertilizer.

Theres some root mass and other plant waste in the soil but I figured that was ok as long as all the clumps were pulled apart. I also left an inch or so of perlite right on top to vex the gnats and other possible pests.

The seed is soaking in a shot glass, and when it sinks I'll pop it in wet paper towels between a couple plates til I see a little root.

Wish me luck! 🌱


Every day I'm Wrangling
30gal is a great choice 👍 This 1 plant monster scrog is going to rock!!!! 🤘🍀
Can't wait to see the Nordes filling that tent with flowers 🌻🌻🌻
I am very excited to have the blue poison and critical as well, and it was hard to pick but nordes is the fastest finisher from what I've read and that could make all the difference during a hot and humid summer. I can't wait to see it filled with flowers either! Hopefully I can get even frostier, denser nugs this time 😍

Mostly I'm excited to have something with more stable genetics :D


Every day I'm Wrangling
Me neither! 🌳 How long are you vegging for?
Looks like you've got a decent amount of headroom over the screen which is ideal 🌞
Somewhere between 30-80 days, it all depends on how well she does. 40 days would be ideal but I understand it may be more like 70 to fill that pot with roots 😅 there would be no reason for so much soil if i didn't give the plant time to utilize it.


Every day I'm Wrangling
40 days and 40 nights has a biblical ring to it! Bring forth the burning bush 😂
Very excited for this one @FerretWrangler ! Subscribed 👍
Lets just keep our fingers crossed nothing gets destroyed with water during THESE 40 days and nights 😂

Thanks bud, I'm so hype. I hope i can do everyone proud 🙄 i wouldn't have had this opportunity without FC


Every day I'm Wrangling
Looks great, nice fat cabbage leaves 👍 How are temps your end? It's definitely a lot hotter than normal here! 🌞
With the 30gal it's going to go bonkers in there!
Thanks @Sunshine, its hard to even fathom her eventual root mass :) temps are hot here too but with the new ac and the inline running better its managable. Especially since I'm giving her a 6 hour long nap everyday during the hottest hours ;)
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