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WANTED Perceptions Pure Seed 😃


Each seed is a pheno # 1 of itself. According to University Study Jack Herer is 100% Indica & of named seeds 95% were nearly all Indica & only one was pure Sativa Dr. Grinspoon. They found strains that were called Sativa were closer to a Hindu Kush genetically as example. I took 8 clones of bubba cbd, two took on an extreme skunk form. I could smell them a mile away while mom smelled like mango & pineapple. Just saying pheno #1 is every seed you plant as 12 lab puppies or human brother sisters, same parents but each throws back. Your grandmothers nose is on your face right now as the mitochondrial dna is passed by the mother but in the identical twins study it was shown that that same dna is affected by environment. That is indeed it one smoke & eats other doesn't one has sickness other doesn't. 8 generation is as far from the mother as about you can get just as is seed #1 as it can be northern lights back 5 generations but exhibit pure today, I get this in squash I crossed with giant pumpkin almost all seeds from same gourd come pure zuchini or squash or pumpkin but few are mixed. We get pug dogs by selecting phenos but they are nothing like the mother. So I am saying only a few land races came across when I was a youngster & there are only Sativa & Indica & Hemp & Ruderalis. All the rest decend from them & innovative persons selecting a shape or smell or resin so forth but if you buy a 5 pack they are all different from the other. Just my thoughts. I think will buy some pures 😉 to multiply for trading here. Maybe Frosted Fruit Cake 😃. I found the study. - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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