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Pests treatment

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Whats up ppl, I'd like to know is there any easy, non toxic ways to protect plants from pests, especialy mites spider mites. Its almost 10 days to harvest, but i found a mite today, its red and as i googled it looks like a spider mite, but some info says spider mites usually locate at down side of leaves (dont know if its true). But this one moves fast everywhere, on both sides of leaves. I dont want to intoxicate plant right before harvest and that this pests slow down my plants growth.
So if you have any advices i appreciate!

Also i've seen info that they usually accure when plants immunity weakens.

Sorry for the quality, but here what this glutton ass looks like, that black points are eggs.


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Yes this is correct information.
This close to harvest there isn't a great deal you can do, increase airflow if possible other than that have a really good clean down after harvest :)
Thanks for info brother! Im just killing them with oil if i see some visible pests, thats all i can do.
Airflow is ok, but humidity is about 45, and temps 28. Heard they like this conditions.