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Picture of my Hybrid P1, i am crossing with Blueberry Kush.

Indoor Growing

Picture of my Hybrid P1, i am crossing with Blueberry Kush.


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Hey moose why is your plant so bare not many leaves to collect photosynthesis Plants have leaves to complete the reaction of photosynthesis, in which the plant will combine water and carbon dioxide with sunlight to create oxygen and glucose. Glucose provides the energy that the plant needs from day to day, I know a lot of people say pick your leaves to get the light down to them but for real you should not pick your leaves, only after they get yellow and brown when they turn yellow that means the plant now has sucked all the goodies from the leaves and they no longer can collect photosynthesis . I also use yoyo they work great.


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Hi @Alphatoy ,

Well that's easy, 50% of i don't know what i'm doing, 25 % of i don't know what i'm doing, and then 25 % of i don't know what i'm doing,

The Blueberry person had been given advice by me, which had the above knowledge lol. I know better now, lets hope they respond.

Thanks tho

And yes the yo-yo's are cool


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Looking fantastic brother 😍 still babysitting? That's the feminized pollen right? An your letting it self everything? An freezing the rest?
Yah, it was pollinated a long time ago, the rest is in with flour in the freezer for future use. That is the Blue Midnight F1 X, Blueberry Kush X Midnight. And yes i am retired and going back to school in January but its been extremely boring hence all my painting.


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Well its almost time for the reveal so here it is early - My new F1 strain is called Blue Midnight

Blueberry Kush x Midnight

Midnight is a sativa-dominant hybrid developed by Tikun Olam and is a popular strain to treat nausea. This high-CBD cannabis also controls pain, inflammation, and indigestion, with invigorating effects that makes it ideal for daytime consumption.

  • Indica: 30%
  • Sativa: 70%
  • THC Range: 8-12%
  • CBD Range: 9-14%

I will have seeds to trade on or about Nov 20th.
nice Moose.. hope im in line thats sweet
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