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Planning to grow some weed In North India

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Planning to grow some weed In North India


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Hi guys !

I am from North India and am Planning to grow some auto flowers both Indoor and outdoor in my farmhouse.
The weather here is around 32C max and 26 min right now. The temperatures will go down to -1 here in early Jan.
which are the most suitable strains to grow in this climate? Since this is going go be my first grow, I am planning to grow only auto flow

Planning to buy the following seeds

1. Girl scout cookies auto
2. Ak-47 auto
3. Blue cheese auto
4. Lemon Skunk auto
5. Bubblegum kush auto
6. G14 auto
7. White widow auto

any help will be highly appreciated.


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Welcome to FC @CrimemasterGoGo :) If you read @southindiansativa's thread/s he found that the autos yielded poorly outdoor in india and is having better luck with female seeds.
The main problem with autos is that a new grower rarely yields more than a few grams. With a photo female you can yield many many times more than this.
For your outdoor grow consider Durban Poison fem, Passion #1 fem, Frisian Dew fem etc all are available from and you get the forum discount by using code FC10 at checkout, you could also request some auto freebies with your order to see how they perform ;)
For your indoor grow you might want to choose a low odour strain like Northern Lights depending on your circumstances.
If you need any help or advice just ask my friend 👍


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A good simple soil mix would look like this:
  • Organic compost 60% (miracle grow do some decent organic composts now which are widely available and come preloaded with some goodies)
  • Perlite 25% - drainage and soil structure
  • Vermiculite 15% - water retention and structure
  • Dolomite lime (2-3 table spoons for every 20 liters) - ph buffering, stops ph dropping too low
  • Fishblood and bone meal (8-10 table spoons per 20 liters) - food for your plants
Bonus additions would be kelp meal (dried seaweed fertiliser) and mycorrhizae (beneficial/symbiotic fungae). These are worth hunting down and should be available at almost every good garden centre. You can go further and add all sorts of further amendments but the above will give you excellent results that you can build on going forwards.


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With LED lights there is the headline wattage ie 50x1w diodes=50w and the actual wattage which is what is drawn at the plug, according to the amazon description this is 30w per unit.
With 90w of led you can definitely get good yields, anywhere from 2oz - 4oz depending on strain and skills 👍


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crime master. indoor would be a bad idea as those lights would generate heat. and u will need cinstant exhaust system.
you cant keep on the air conditioning and the exhaust at the same time.
focus on out doors.
or a balcony as south jndian sativa did.
indor is more suitable for western countries


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Im not sure how well kush strains or Indicas will grow here Outdoor buddy, ALL strains are more susceptible to mildew here and...well kush isn't gonna get too big before she flowers and NL i've tried and it's purely indoors.

Have grown a dozen of strains last season and still searching for the strain that suits outdoor south Indian weather. The only problem i face down here is very early flowering. My choice is to go for anyting with Haze or Sativa dominant hybrids.

Fire Cookies did tremendously well outdoor comparing to the other strains i have grown. She gave me one the best yield i ever had. Smoking it ryt now and this is exactly the kind of smoke i was looking for. Fire Somango had the tastiest smoke and gives nice fruity flavour.

Choose your strain wisely that suits your climatic condition and start growing. Experts around here will help you in the grow. Strainsupermarket gives you a hell lot of freebies and i had 100% germination with all their beans.

Germed Fire OG Kush and GSC today. After finishing these freebies from Strainsupermarket im planing to go for Durban poison or Kalichakra from Mandala seeds. Kalichakra genetics are from South India & S.E. Asia. Hope that serves here well.

Happy growing @CrimemasterGoGo .


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Over 23 days and I still haven't received the seeds, I don't think they're going to show up. I tried emailing greenhouse but no replies from them.😡😡😡
Sorry to hear that, I hope they turn up for you but 23 days is a long time, but they could still be en route or worst case held up at customs/confiscated.
Give a go if they don't arrive, you get a forum member discount with code FC10 at checkout, the seeds are always fresh and they give excellent and generous freebies ;)
Out of interest what did you order from GH?
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